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We have developed this FAQ section in hope of providing insight into our business model, products and communications.

What is Liberty Through Wealth?

Liberty Through Wealth, led by The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, delivers insight and recommendations based on timeless and proven principles for smart investing to help you confidently build and protect your financial independence. This daily e-letter will help you overcome money worries so you can focus on the people and activities you love. Every day we reach nearly 300,000 unique readers.

Liberty Through Wealth remains committed to a range of market-neutral and asset-allocated investment strategies. These include momentum investing, maximizing income, tax-advantaged investing, following insider buying, as well as investing in energy and resources, emerging markets, and biotech and healthcare technologies. We believe that these strategies will make you a better investor over time, and we remain dedicated to guiding you along the journey from financial literacy to financial liberty.

Although its team has decades of experience in the financial markets, Liberty Through Wealth does not provide personal investment advice, offer brokerage services or manage money.

How does Liberty Through Wealth work?

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  5. We encourage you to read and respond to our experts’ opinions. At the end of each article is a link inviting your response, which will be published as quickly as possible. Although we may engage in dialogue from time to time, we cannot comment directly to specific investing-related questions as this could be construed as personalized investment advice.
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How often will I receive Liberty Through Wealth?

Liberty Through Wealth is a free investment newsletter, published six times per week.

What are Liberty Through Wealth’s Principles?

At Liberty Through Wealth, we want to reveal new investment opportunities and strategies to you – every day. But more than that, we want you to understand that all of our ideas are rooted in six proven investing principles. Our grounding in these strategies ensures that we’re not just telling you about the latest “fad” investment. We’re helping you gain consistency in an ever-fluctuating market. Our goal is to provide timely investment ideas that are always rooted in Liberty Through Wealth’s six core concepts…


Just about every broker on Wall Street has an ulterior motive. We hate to be blunt, but they’re likely pushing that particular investment for other reasons… ones that almost certainly don’t include making you money. Bottom line: You can’t trust your financial future to these guys. No government or Wall Street firm is going to save your retirement. You have to do it yourself – but not without some expert insight.

As part of The Oxford Club, Liberty Through Wealth is completely free and independent of Wall Street, affording us the luxury of serving ONLY our readers’ interests. With our guidance, you’ll discover how simple it is to protect against big losses, outmaneuver the herd, identify what really makes stocks rise and create a balanced portfolio that will sustain you for the rest of your life.


A contrarian investor is inclined to buck conventional trends – NOT follow the standard perceptions of the stock market – and think the majority of investors out there are usually wrong.

A 25-year study published in 2010 in The Journal of Financial Economics found that if you had simply invested in the S&P 500 when equity fund flows were negative (redemptions exceeding new investments) and in 90-day Treasury bills when fund flows were positive (new investments exceeding redemptions), you would have substantially outperformed the market while spending nearly half the time in riskless T-bills.

In other words, contrarian investing works.


Asset allocation, a strategy focused on how you divide your portfolio among different uncorrelated assets like stocks and bonds, is an extremely important principle to any investor. One of your most important investment decisions should be selecting the mix of assets to comprise your portfolio, not selecting the individual investments themselves.

Check out our  and read what our experts have to say about asset allocation here.


Anyone can buy a stock. The real art of investing, however, is knowing when to sell. And trailing stops can neatly remove any guesswork. Such a strategy guarantees that your profits and principal are always protected.

The experts at The Oxford Club – who are the main contributors to Liberty Through Wealth – typically recommend running a 25% trailing stop behind any position. By adhering to a disciplined exit strategy, our investment system mows down emotion-driven trading errors like a field full of dandelions. While trailing stops aren’t the only sell discipline out there, they are easy to implement, ensure we never let a small loss become an unacceptable one and keep us from selling stocks prematurely.


Forget timing the market. You don’t need to worry about what the Greek central bank is doing or what the Federal Reserve chairman plans to do next. While maintaining an awareness of world events and trends is important, it’s no way to make day-to-day investing decisions. Instead, focus on the investment in front of you, starting with the fundamentals. We believe that share prices follow earnings and that you should always understand the investment – and the risks – before plunking down your money.


Incurring too many fees can be your portfolio’s silent killer. It’s not the fees themselves that hurt – it’s the loss of the compounded value of those fees. Given that, learning to invest your own money – and, in turn, erasing a big chunk of your fees – is a surefire way to better returns. Use a 25% trailing stop to guide and reduce the number of your trades and look for high-quality stocks you can hold for years.

How do I contact Liberty Through Wealth with any questions?

Click hereto contact Liberty Through Wealth. Or reach us by phone or mail at 877.806.4508 | 443.353.4160 | P.O. Box 932 | Baltimore, MD 21203

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